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Sociology of Education and Culture (SEC)
(Utbildnings- och kultursociologi)

Visiting adresses


Most seminars are arranged in Humanistiskt Centrum in Campus Engelska parken (next to the cemetery, behind the library Carolina Rediviva) or in Campus Blåsenhus (next to the Castle and the Botanic Garden).  Most collaborators have offices at either of these campus sites. For maps visit http://katalog.uu.se/map/
and search for "Engelska parken" or "Blåsenhus"

Studies on educational fields

—a research domain within
Sociology of Education and Culture (SEC),
mainly at Uppsala universitet.




Coordinating the research on educational fields:
Mikael Börjesson <mikael.borjesson@edu.uu.se>
Ida Lidegran <ida.lidegran@edu.uu.se>

Postal address to SEC:

Marta Edling
Dept. of History, Uppsala universitet
Box 628, SE-751 26 Uppsala, Sweden
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