Sociology of Education and Culture
   (Utbildnings- och kultursociologi)


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Visting address

Most seminars are arranged either at Humanistiskt Centrum in Campus Engelska parken (next to the cemetery, behind the library Carolina Rediviva) or at Campus Blåsenhus (next to the Castle and the Botanic Garden).  Most collaborators have offices at either of these campus sites. For maps visit
and search for "Engelska parken" or "Blåsenhus".
    See also Google Maps where however the fairly new building Blåsenhus does not yet appear. From the Uppsala Castle it is on the other side of Dag Hammskölds väg. From Botaniska Trädgården it is on the other side of Norbyvägen."



Digital Literature

— a research program at Uppsala University

The aim is to develop methods and tools for the encoding, management, and delivery of information, mainly in the humanities, in accordance with relevant international standards and recommendations such as SGML, XML, RDF, and the TEI Guidelines.

See Projects  and Publications

Director: Donald Broady <>.

Recent research, i.a.:
Märkning av utbildningsinnehåll (Educational Content Markup)



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