Utbildnings- och kultursociologi (SEC)
Sociology of Education and Culture

Visting address
Map with the locations of Engelska parken and Blåsenhus

For maps visit http://katalog.uu.se/map/
and search for "Engelska parken" or "Blåsenhus".

See also Google Maps where however the fairly new building Blåsenhus does not yet appear. From the Uppsala Castle it is situated on the other side of Dag Hammarskölds väg. From Botaniska Trädgården it is on the other side of Norbyvägen.


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Marta Edling

Photo of Marta Edling by Olcay Yalcin


Professor of Art History, School of Culture and Communication, Södertörn University More information here

Co-director, SEC Sociology of Education and Culture Research Unit, Uppsala University

Docent, Dept. of Art History, Uppsala University

Senior research fellow, Dept. of History, Uppsala University


Uppsala University
Dept. of History
Box 628
751 26 Uppsala
E-mail: marta.edling@hist.uu.se

Sodertorn University
School of Culture and Communication
14189 Huddinge
E-mail: marta.edling@sh.se

URL to this page is www.skeptron.uu.se/pers/marta/

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