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Workshop on bibliometrics and scientometrics
taught by Yves Gingras

Uppsala University, 28–29 March 2022

Time: Monday 28 – Tuesday 29 March 2022, both days at 10.15–16.30.
Place: Campus Blåsenhus, Uppsala University, Room 12:28. Street address von Kraemers allé 1.

Chair/teacher: Yves Gingras, Professor at Department of history, Université du Québec à Montréal, Director of L'Observatoire des sciences et des technologies (OST). Yves Gingras is a world-leading scholar in history of sciences, sociology of sciences, bibliometrics and scientometrics.
See https://www.ost.uqam.ca/en/a-propos/equipe/gingras-yves/.

The workshop combines an introduction to the fields of bibliometrics and scientometrics, their histories, development and state of the art, with applications of the methods on empirical materials.

Researchers and PhD-students who are engaged in or plan devote themselves to empirical work with bibliometric or scientometric methods, or on the uses of such methods, are welcome to participate. There will also be room for participants to present former and ongoing work.

To apply for participation contact Mikael Börjesson <mikael.borjesson@edu.uu.se> who will provide more information.

For a Bibliography on scientometrics compiled by Yves Gingras, see below.


Bibliography on scientometrics

compiled by Yves Gigras

1. General introductions

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2. Data sources and methods

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3. Applications

3.1. Sociology

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3.2 Geography

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3.3. Disciplines and History of science

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For more publications, see: https://www.ost.uqam.ca/publications/


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