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Johannes Westberg

Associated to Sociology of Education and Culture (SEC) at Uppsala University and Uppsala Studies in History of Education (SHED).

MAEd, Upper Secondary School, 2003 (Umeå University)
PhD, History, 2008 (Uppsala University)
Associate professor (docent), History (Uppsala University), 2014

Current main employment
(Full) Professor in Theory and History of Education, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Links to my research
Short CV and publication list
My Academia web page
My web page on Researchgate

Project web-sites
Funding the Rise of Mass Schooling (2009-2016)
How did education policy shape the race towards mass education? (2017-2021)
A School in Crisis (2018-2021)
Schooling in perspective: A graduate school in applied history of education (2020-25) 



ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-3444-952X