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Graduate School
History of Education

Research in the history of education comprises studies of formation, education, instruction, upbringing and learning. The graduate school has a focus on modern social history of education. It recruits graduate students in history, history of ideas and education (and related subjects). These students are accepted as graduate students at different universities where they typically are employed, where their main supervisor are positioned and where most of their education takes place as well as the examination. The research school initiates and coordinates courses, supervision arrangements, staff and student exchanges and so on, and organizes a network for research in the history of education.

One aim is to bring historical science expertise into the educational domain. Within for example teacher education institutions many examination papers and PhD dissertations are related to historical matters. The research school will put teacher students and teacher educators whose training in historical research might be meagre in contact with scholars and graduate students from disciplines such as history or the history of ideas. Thus the research school will, directly and indirectly, contribute to more qualified activities at the teacher education institutions.

Inversely, by promoting research, courses collaboration and exchanges within the history of education domain the research school will contribute to the historical sciences. Although many historians pay attention to educational matters, in Sweden today such efforts are dispersed and rarely visible as a domain.

Further, an improved understanding of historical factors and historical explanations would be of value to the public debate on education, as well as to teachers, administrators and politicians.