Utbildnings- och kultursociologi (SEC)
Sociology of Education and Culture


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Blåsenhus, von Kraemers allé 1, Uppsala (next to the Castle and the Botanic Garden), room 11:304.


For maps visit http://katalog.uu.se/map/
and search for "Blåsenhus".


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Dear visitors, please ask in the reception in the front hall. Or inside the hall find the doors to the right and the elevator behind them. Go to the third floor. The corridor is to the right when you leave the elevator. Since the door is locked you will need someone to let you in.



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Mikael Börjesson

Professor in Sociology of Education, Uppsala University.
Co-director of the research unit Sociology of Education and Culture, Uppsala University. 

E-mail mikael.borjesson@edu.uu.se
URL www.skeptron.uu.se/mb/
Phone office +46 18 471 23 96
Phone mobile +46 73 762 70 25
Fax +46 18 471 24 00

Paper postal address:
     Uppsala universitet
     Box 2136
     SE-750 02 Uppsala

URL to this page is www.skeptron.uu.se/mb/



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